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My name is Stephen Mayeux, and I am an ESL Teacher Turned Full Stack Developer. I have spent the last decade teaching adults the world's quirkiest human language, and now I am teaching the Internet's quirkiest programming language: JavaScript!

I am a self-taught programmer who is currently working full time as a software engineer in Austin. My personal tutoring sessions will save you hundreds of hours of studying alone and getting stuck.

The Tech I Love To Teach


CSS3 & Bootstrap

Git & Github

The Terminal

Computer Science

Chrome Dev Tools

React Native

Bootcamp Prep

Code Reviews

Programming Languages

JavaScript, ES5 and ES6


Backend Stacks

Node.js / Express


Rails / Sinatra




Free Code Camp


Project Help

Front End



Angular 1.x



Digital Ocean

Lesson Features

Teaching Experience

Stephen holds a Masters of Education from New York University. He has been an ESL teacher and Content Specialist for universities, non-profits, and startups.

Personalized Assignments & Feedback

After each lesson, students receive a project or assignment in order to practice the topics presented in the lesson. Assignments are reviewed by Stephen, and students receive feedback.

Lesson Summaries

Students receive a personalized progress report after each lesson. The report lists the topics presented in class as well as comments highlighting the student's strengths and areas of improvement.

Lesson Pricing

30-Minute Consulation


  • Discuss Your Goals
  • Design Personalized Curriculum
  • Assess Current Skills

30-Minute Lesson


  • Lesson Summary
  • Personalized Assignment
  • Assignment Review and Feedback

60-Minute Lesson


  • Lesson Summary
  • Personalized Assignment
  • Assignment Review and Feedback

Contact Me / Book a Lesson

I am currently coding a sweet scheduling system for students. Until then, use the form to ask questions and book lessons.